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LeoCzech spol. s r.o.

purchase, sale and recycling of waste paper and plastics

We co-operate with paper mills in Czech republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and in other European countries.

We are the exclusive supplier of waste paper for the paper mill Huhtamaki Czech republic in Pribyslavice (formerly Jipack).

We offer to companies, institutions and private persons:

  • Purchase, sale and re-processing of waste paper and plastics
  • Regular disposal of all recyclable paper and plastic waste from your company/house
  • Regular disposal of waste paper from schools and kindergartens
  • Long-term contracts of ensuring the disposal of waste paper with very advantageous conditions
  • Safety disposal and shredding of all business and private documents and archives
  • Consistent protection of information from your documents intended for shredding

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  * leoczech@leoczech.cz
ISO 9001:2000

LeoCzech spol. s r.o. is certified ISO 9001 by BVQI